Innovative Ways To Store Your Clothes

Are you a bit of a clothes horse, but have no idea where you can store all of your designer and stylish clothes? When you have a lot of amazing outfits, it can be difficult to know where exactly to place all of your clothes. However, there are many ways in which you can be innovative about storing all of your clothes, so that your home can look just as stylish and current as you are. Nobody likes to see a pile of clothes on the floor! This way, you can make sure your clothes stay neat and tidy whilst also making your home look really current and modern. 


Repurpose An Old Trunk

A few decades ago, everyone stored their clothes in a trunk. This is because people took trunks travelling with them instead of suitcases. While this can be cumbersome, and it’s good that society has progressed to wheeled suitcases, vintage trunks are still highly sought after. They make a really beautiful conversation piece in any home, and they’re actually really useful! Using a vintage trunk for clothes or shoes is a great way to increase your storage space while also adding a great furniture piece to your home. There are many antique and thrift stores that are selling selections of vintage trunks, so you are sure to find something sophisticated that will match your home interiors. 


Use The Space Under The Bed

Many beds have empty space under them, which can seem like wasted floor space, but only if you don’t use it effectively enough. There are many ways you can use the space under your bed to make the most of your storage options. For example, you could get clear plastic storage bins for shoes and clothes which quickly slide under the space under your bed. If your bed has a solid base, there could still be storage options for you- many beds are made with storage drawers. Don’t ignore these – make the best of them. Extra storage means your space looks less cluttered and more stylish. 


Use Wall Hooks

If you have lots of coats and jackets, wall hooks may be one of the best options you can get when it comes to storing your clothes. If you have a spare wall, think about getting adhesive hooks that you can apply to the wall. A way to make this look really cool is to place the hooks on the wall in a cool pattern, for example, in a diamond formation. This will mean that your designer jackets and coats almost become a feature of the room itself. This is one of the best ways you can store your clothes. 


Use A Bookcase

Aren’t books for bookcases? However, a bookcase can be one of the best options for storing clothes. Firstly, there isn’t a cover to the bookcase, so it can mean that you can see what you’re picking up to wear. Secondly, bookshelves allow you to fit in a lot of folded clothes, especially t-shirts and jumpers that don’t need to be hung up. Shoes also look really good when placed on a bookshelf. If you have any spare bookshelves but don’t need any more books, you could use it to store your clothes. 


Rotate Your Clothing Seasonally

One thing that troubles a lot of fashionistas is having too many clothes! This means that they can’t fit all of the clothes they own in one wardrobe or storage bins, particularly if their bedroom is a small space. This can be particularly frustrating if you aren’t wearing certain clothes like heavy coats or summer dresses for months on end. However, making sure you rotate your clothes seasonally is one of the best ways to store your clothes better. Firstly organise your clothes by season- if the clothes are trans-seasonal, leave them in the wardrobe. When clothes are out of season, put them in air-tight storage bins in your attic or basement (this will make sure moths don’t get to them!) Keeping your clothes on a rotation makes sure your room and wardrobe looks a lot less cluttered. 


Optimise Your Wardrobe

There are many ways in which you can optimise the existing space within your wardrobe. Firstly, make sure you’re using the floor of the wardrobe for things like shoes and bags. Secondly, you could get stackable coat hangers- this means you can hang multiple clothes on one wire that has multiple coat hangers on it. This means you could hang multiple clothes items on a coat hanger that would normally only be able to hold one. 


Use The Whole Wall Space

The whole wall space is one that needs to be utilised if you’re having trouble with storage space. It can be frustrating to have no space near the floor of a room, but have all this perceivably empty space when it gets near the ceilings. However, there are many ways you can utilise the whole wall when it comes to storing your clothes. Firstly, you can get shelves for certain accessories and shoes that go all the way up to your ceiling. You could also get a really tall shoe rack if you’re particularly passionate about shoes. This is a great way to use the whole space in a room, and can be incredibly useful if you have a lot of clothes. 


Invest In Storage Bins

Getting a lot of aesthetically pleasing storage bins that go well with the interiors of your room can be one of the best ways to store your clothes. You can easily find storage bins that match the walls and design, from the furniture fabric to the wall colour. This way, your storage will look really good and won’t look out of place when it comes to your room. 


Get A Shoe Shelf

A shoe rack that you see in shoe stores is actually a really effective way to store your clothes. This is especially true if you own a lot of designer trainers and want to show them off! They are pretty cheap, and are a great way you can put your shoes on display. It’s a really innovative way to store your designer items, and can make sure a lot of space is saved. 


Add A Clothes Rack

Do you want your home to look like a fashion designer’s studio? It has become an interior design trend in recent years to put a clothes rack in your home. This has become a really cool and trendy way that you can store your clothes. This is especially true if you’ve got any expensive clothes such as a designer full tracksuit that you want to keep safe from the dark environments inside a wardrobe. It can also be easier to pick your clothes off a standalone clothing rack, so your clothes can be ready to go. It looks really stylish as an interior design trend, and is also good for your clothing. 


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