Have You Prepared Your AC for Summer?

Summer might be approaching faster than you can ever imagine. Sooner, you will realize the higher temperatures and the sunny skies, which force you to put the sunglasses on. But have you prepared your AC unit at home?

For all homeowners, it is very crucial to prepare their house with an adequate AC unit to deal with the heat. After storing your AC unit in the winter, your AC might need your attention to be able to run again.

First things first, let’s start by removing your condenser covers, or coil blankets that you have in your room. It is fair to install them since you need to cover yourself with the rough winter months. But you need to make sure to get rid of them before using your AC unit. The covers shield could limit the air flow and heat transfer. That means you won’t get fresh air. If it is left that way, it might injure your AC unit.

The next thing to do is to check your unit panels. The panels should assist the system protection. If there is any missing panel, you must fix it immediately. If you notice that the board covering is missing, you could reach your professional technician to handle the thing for you.

Chances are you have the outdoors coil junk. You will want to remove it first before operating your AC. You might find some trash, dirt, or organism blew into the coil. For those who haven’t known, the system coils are designed to transfer the heat. The junk will affect the function. So, you will want to get rid of the waste from the coils to make the heat transfer more effective.

Pipe insulation can also contribute to the heat. If you notice any broken pipe insulation, you will need to repair or replace it. If you left it cut, the cooling might not be as active as before. Not to mention that it can injure the AC system in the long run. The insulation should be intact to keep the cooling system up and to run. If you are not sure when replacing the pipe insulation, you could reach out to your technician to help you with this matter.

Then you will need to check the indoor unit like the air filters, and the other parts. The most significant way to make your AC unit ready is by replacing your indoor air filters. It is an easy task but will have a massive impact on unit operation. Again, you could reach your technician to help you with the AC unit repair if there is any part broken.

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