4 Tips to Make Your Interior Decor Pop

4 Tips to Make Your Interior Decor Pop

Decorating your home or apartment is always exciting. Yet, it can sometimes be hard to figure out which colors to choose along with the right decorations to show off your personality. You may also want to be able to do things such as change up the decor on occasion to make the seasons. You can begin your decorating plans with these four tips that work to create a cozy space that also showcases your sense of style.

Play with Colors and Patterns

When you want bold colors and patterns, your best choice is to use decorating pieces that you can easily switch out when the time is right. Throw pillows come in a variety of fabric textures, colors, and patterns that allow you to really have some fun with the overall decorating scheme. Consider using a contrasting color for the pillows compared to the furniture to add a touch of energy to your home. Alternatively, you can go with a cozy neutral shade in a stimulating texture to bring a sense of warmth to the decor. When your home’s interior decor needs a little pick-me-up, just making a few simple changes is all it takes to give it an update. As you decorate, try to have some fun with it. Toss some colorful pillows on the couch to liven it up, and clear the clutter. You’ll love walking into your home each day when the decor stimulates your senses.

Start with the Right Shade of Paint

People often choose to paint the walls of their home extreme colors when they want the decor to pop. However, this tends to have the opposite effect since very dark and light colors are overwhelming and tend to drown out the other pieces in the design. Try painting the walls a pastel shade of the color that you prefer. This has the effect of opening up the space while serving as a backdrop for the rest of the decor.

Choose Pretty Storage Pieces

Stark shelves and plastic bins are never appealing. Try to remember that every element included in a room affects the decor. Consider using paint or adhesive paper to add some interest to the backs of shelves. You can also choose wicker baskets with lids to hide things such as your kid’s toys so that it all just works together with the decor.

Use Rugs to Brighten Up Floors

Hardwood floors and tile are low-maintenance, but they can also add a stark look to your home. Pick out a few rugs that help to tie in the rest of your decorating scheme. For instance, matching a few colors in the rug to the pillows on your couch can help create a unified look that also brings a subtle emphasis on the hues you chose for your decorating scheme.


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