How To Save Money This Winter During The Cost Of Living Crisis

Winter is a gruelling time of year because your home is cold after work and in the morning, especially if you do not have a timer for your central heating. Furthermore, with the cost of energy bills, people are trying to find innovative ways to keep their homes warm during winter.

The problem with finding things to keep your home warm is that they can be expensive. For example, triple-glazed windows will reduce the heat leaving your windows. The problem with that is they are expensive and you can wait for some time before they can be installed in your home. 

In this article, we will look at the different things you can buy for your home to ensure that it stays warm throughout winter. As well as areas where you can save money on your utility bills so you can spend more on your central heating. 

Don’t Leave Items On Standby

Firstly, you need to make sure that everything is turned off at the mains. This includes the television, microwave, toaster, kettle and anything else that won’t be in use. Although one item being left on won’t make a difference, all of the other items left on standby mode will add up. Turning all these electric devices off will save a bit of money this winter so you can use them for your heating. 

There are odd electrical objects which will need to be left on during winter. For example, you need to ensure you leave your freezer and fridge on or your food will spoil. Anything else such as your Alex device, PlayStation, television and anything else you can think of should be turned. 


Buying new windows for your home is expensive and due to everything increasing in price, this is probably not the year you get new windows unless you have spare cash in the bank. Furthermore, there are certain things you can buy to ensure you keep the cold air out of your home and keep the warm air in. 

The combination of both window blinds and curtains is a great investment for keeping the heat in your home. Furthermore, you can buy thermal window blinds which also keep the warm air in your home. Visiting window blinds in London stores and other areas would be advised as you can ask the experts which are the best blinds to buy for your home. Although getting blinds and curtains for all of your windows is expensive, it is worth it. However, we advise you to focus on the rooms you are in most such as the bedroom and the living room. 

Set A Timer

Having a timer for your central heating is an absolute must this winter. Furthermore, there are many different types of devices that you can buy to control your heating when you are not home. These are great for allowing you to set a timer and turn on your heating before you get home. Plus, they can save you a lot of money.

With the rising costs of energy bills, we advise you to wear extra layers when you are in your home all day. However, the occasional time for your heating to be turned on is ok. For example, when you wake up in the morning or when you get home from work.

Draft Excluders

Draft excluders are a much more affordable investment for your home and again, are great for keeping your home warm. If your living room door goes out to the hallway where the front door is, place a draft excluder next to your living room door. It will ensure the heat doesn’t escape your living room when the fire is on. It also ensures that the cold air doesn’t get into your living room from your hallway. 

Sofa Placement

Although this is not an investment for your home, it is something to consider. Many homes will have their sofas in front of the radiators which isn’t good. The reason why is that the sofas will conduct all of the heat. If you move your sofa away from the radiator, you are allowing the heat to circulate the room which helps make the room get warmer much quicker. 

Additional Layers

Another great investment is adding additional layers to your home. That includes buying a throw for your sofa to ensure you are not sitting on cold leather. Furthermore, you may want to buy an additional throw for your sofa for when you are watching television. 

Buying throws for your bed is also a great investment for the winter season. At night, it can get cold which is why adding another layer will be beneficial for you. Ensure that you have a winter duvet and then an extra blanket for at night. You might even want to buy some if your home is that cold at night. pyjamas

Wearing extra layers is essential during winter however, there are many items you can buy which are heated. For example, you can buy a heated hoodie to keep you warm or a heated blanket. Not only will these keep you warm in winter but they are also cheap to run as well. Some electric blankets can only cost 5P per hour which is a great investment instead of using your heating. 

Log Burners

Gas fireplaces can be expensive to run which is why a log burner may be a good investment for your home. If your living room is small, this won’t take as long to heat up with a log burner. However, if you buy one big enough, they are great at heating rooms which are joined together. For example, some home designs have the dining room joined together with the living room. 

Some log burners can be expensive but don’t cost that much and are a great investment for the winter months. Additionally, log burners are cost-effective when in comparison to a fireplace or central heating. It will heat the room much quicker compared to one singular radiator.

There are a couple of negatives with a log burner and one of them is that they are not cheap to buy and the firewood can also be expensive. The average cost for a regular-sized log burner can cost around £500 so you can expect to pay a little more than that if you want a good one. Firewood can be roughly £220 per 2.4 cubic meters of firewood. As you can see, these costs can add up so it may be worth working out whether a log burner is more cost-effective compared to an electric fireplace or hydrogen heater. 


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