Dust Bunnies & Dreams: Surviving (and Maybe Even Enjoying?) Your Home Renovation

You’ve got a brand new home and it’s all exciting but you know a lot needs doing. Not everyone has the luxury of waiting till it’s all finished before they move in so that means you have to physically and mentally prepare for living on a construction site. So at first, you might be thinking, What an exciting time—a blank canvas full of endless possibilities—but let’s be real, it also holds a lot of dust bunnies.


Living in the midst of chaos can be challenging for anyone and just a whole other kind of temporary lifestyle. But fear not, as this for sure isn’t our first rodeo; when it comes to it, we are torn from the same cloth and with that power of information being once a live-in renovator. I have put together some of the tips I learnt during my experiences on how to survive through the lack, too much of an absolute whirlwind renovating was. We aren’t just going to talk about surviving the dust and noise but I want to hopefully give you some ideas on how to enjoy the whole process. As impossible as that sounds right now, just wait.


Let’s get down and dirty with home renovations, sharing my practical tips and lighthearted anecdotes to help navigate you through this new journey.


Storage Is Essential

You might not be familiar with dust bunnies and their willingness to get into every crevice, but that all comes to an end when you are living on a construction site, so your best form of protection would be to have them signed, sealed and delivered (music reference) in compact storage boxes. While you might think these are a waste of money, they can always be used beyond the construction part.


Only some people have the luxury to pay for a storage unit or to leave a few boxes here and there across their friends and family’s houses so it might be the only resort to keep your things organised and safe from dust.


It will be great if you have your everyday essentials in one box and stack up on priority. You will be surprised at how far dusk can travel and what I mean by that is that when you are having work done in the kitchen, you will be able to tell in every single room. Secure storage boxes are a way to keep some of your belongings away from the dust. Grab them from your local shopping centre leeds or maybe place ts a quick order online.


Baby Belling

If you aren’t aware, a baby belling is an all-in-one cooker, fril and hob. It will literally be your whole life saver when it comes to your kitchen being ripped out and put back in. These types of jobs can take a while, especially when there tend to be complications with every job. A job you might think could take a month ends up stretching to 3 or 4 months.


In these situations where you are relying on contractors Singapore some things can get in the way, such as waiting on materials, fitters, things that aren’t the right size, electricians and everything else. they are all unrelated but have a knock-on effect. That’s why staying prepared for anything like this in your renovation journey is more than necessary so that’s why a baby belling is more than a lifesaver; it’s a non-negotiable thing.


It helps you save a whole chunk of money on eating out and also stops you from eating cheap, bad food. It gets to a point where you are craving a healthy and delicious homemade meal and with a baby belling you won’t have to wait four months for it.


Your Gym Is Your New Favourite Spot

When it comes to your bathroom renovation, you might be considering your options of where you can shower and do everything you need as a human being. Well, why not consider doing what I did and getting a membership at the best or most affordable gym you have in your local area and abusing all the perks? What I mean by that is every gym comes with a shower and toilets at the minimum and with others coming with saunas, pools and steam rooms, you might as well turn your gym into your bathroom for the time being.


If you can afford it for a temporary period, you might as well pull out a membership with a snazzy top-quality gym because, during these stressful times, you deserve a nice enough shower and a steam room.


Consider a Holiday

If you have a holiday planned in the mix, whether it’s a weekend away or a family vacation abroad, try to time it at the earliest or most convenient time. What I mean by this is that it could be when the kitchen is ripped out or your bathroom room is torn out and put back in. These little things make living on a construction site a little bit easier. When they are being taken away from you, it might be time for you to take a break and go somewhere without dust and without 


Make Parts Of It Fun

I understand better than anyone that home renovations can become stressful with elements of cost, ugliness, and time-consuming additions to the mix. So trying to find the silver linings and fun parts of it is very important to get you through the process without multiple breakdowns. For example, I find DIY and being a part of the remodelling process helpful. I invited friends and family to help with the ripping things out because I was not only not paying someone to do that I thought it was a great way to destress and enjoy it with people I love.


There are actually places, not where you pay to smash things up! So it’s obviously fun if people pay big bucks and you now have the opportunity for the price of nothing. There are always elements that you will find rewarding and fun but on those down days, just remember that it’s all worth it and your long-term happiness is more important than these little bursts of sadness.


Portable Heaters

As there will be moments when there are no carpets, no electricity or whatnot, it might be worth investing in some portable heaters, whether they are gas or fans; anything that works without reliance on electricity will be the route to go down. It’s one thing to do on a construction site but that added-on element of being freezing cold pushed me over the edge. I am someone who loves to be hot so this purchase was used and appreciated constantly. Especially when the renovations move into the winter, it shouldn’t even be something considered; it should already be on its way to you.

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