Typical Hotel Interiors in Miami: Luxury Suits, Pools, and Grand Entrances!

Going to Miami? Great choice! Miami is a city of iconic designs and night parties, sandy beaches, and active people. Miami hotels are cool, friendly and look very impressive and unusual. They offer visitors a unique experience like no other. Most of them have huge territories with the endless strip of night clubs, hospitable restaurants of different cuisines, fitness clubs, SPAs, and everything you always dreamed about. Local hotels are places where you can avoid crowds and refresh your mind and body.

Miami hotels can be a slice of paradise with their interesting architecture and unique interior. You feel like a king, walking in golden slippers and using all the hotel options. How about a car rental option? Rental24H. com can give you the most unusual car you can find in Miami. Don’t worry about its safety. Hotels are usually organized with a free parking. Which car do you prefer? Actually, you can rent any of available cars but keep in mind that locals prefer American and Japanese cars. Top of the list is represented by Ford’s F Series, Chrysler’s Ram and Chevy’s Silverado.

Blue Encounter.




  • Eye Catching Entrance

A hotel entrance and lobby is the first thing you see. That’s why there must be something to catch your eyes. The most popular architecture tricks all hotel use is building up large even grand entrances. It is worth to spend much money on building up the most impressive entrance to draw people’s attention.

  • Green Design

Many modern designers add something green to their hotel interior. They consider it a really winning strategy. Of course, green effects cannot make a hotel successful but they can attract more gusts and make them feel better. You may check this theory and put one-two indoor plants in the lobby interior.

  • Something to Remember

Every hotel must have something special in its interior that all guests will always remember. Even if one forgets your hotel’s name, but its bright entrance, cozy sofas in the lobby or black-and-white interior will stay on one’s memory for long.

Hotel Viceroy Miami 060.jpg


  1. Stop at Edition Hotel

This hotel is known of its simple but elegant design. Nevertheless, this is a luxury spot to stop at. The choice is wide. You can pick a trendy luxury penthouse, comfortable suits or stylish bungalows just on the beach. Michelin restaurants and an awesome ocean view from your window can make your impression of the hotel even better. That’s really amazing how they combine city luxury and beach innocent style.

  1. Stop at Vagabond Hotel

This unique place shows you how cool your life may be. Welcome to the boutique luxury! You will be inspired and surprised by the hotel retro lobby. Its interior takes you years and years back. You suddenly feel like you live in a cheap roadside motel in past 50s. You can describe its interior as MODERN CHIC. It’s a big curiosity for all guests. You feel like you are ready to leave your car on the hotel parking and go to drink for the whole night.

Hotel Viceroy Miami 002.jpg

  1. Stop at Life House Little Havana

Staying in Havana, you feel like a fearless traveler, a treasure hunter, who is already tired and in wait for a good rest and relaxation. All rooms are masterfully decorated with exotic textiles, tropical flowers, trinkets and treasures. The floor is covered with mosaic tiles. Black and white pictures take you back to Havana. Do you want a snack? Go to a charming Cuban cafe on the rooftop.

  1. Stop at Freehand Miami

This is a bohemian spot, located in Miami Beach. This is not a place of luxury, but modern and simple interior. Everything is mixed here! You can see a courtyard pool and a cocktail bar. The atmosphere is friendly! You can meet people and make friends. There is a Restaurant & Bar in the hostel, where you can try all Caribbean delicacies. The suits are not big but decorated each in its own style. Living in Freehand is like traveling around the world.

Pool area - Hilton Pensacola Beach

  1. Stop at Mondrian South Beach

South Beach hotels are known of their luxury. You can’t find a hotel without a grand lobby, exclusive decoration and you face with the feeling that it will be your best hotel experience. Mondrian Hotel is famous of its iconic swimming pool and exclusive lounge areas. By the way, a hotel pool, inside or out, is A MUST for all Miami hotels and hostels.

There are many countries, cities where you can meet hotels with a bit scary or impressive design. Designers do their best to draw your attention and make you stay in this particular hotel and nowhere else. Miami hotels are proud of their luxury, grand entries, and backyard pools. Drive your car right here!

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