Chicago’s Skyscrapers: 5 Beautiful Buildings on the City Skyline

Chicago is famous for its amazing architecture and numerous skyscrapers that can be viewed for hours. Not for nothing that one of the best entertainment in the city for both tourists and locals is an architectural tour. We won’t retell everything that you can hear firsthand on this excursion, but describe the most famous skyscrapers of the city that you must see when visiting Chicago.

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  1. Tribune Tower

Tribune Tower is located on Michigan Avenue, right near the bridge over the Chicago River. This neo-Gothic-style building is the headquarters of renowned media such as the Chicago Tribune, Tribune Media, and Tronc Inc. Also, CNN’s Chicago branch is located there.

Tribune Tower is interesting in several ways. Firstly, the facade of the building contains images made in honor of two tower architects – Raymond Goode and John Howells.

The second interesting thing related to the Tribune Tower is that fragments of various famous structures of the world were used in the construction of the lower part of the building. Even before the building process of the Tribune Tower began, Chicago Tribune correspondents brought stones and bricks from the Taj Mahal, Notre Dame, the Great Wall of China, St. Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul, Angkor Wat and many other significant places. Apparently, in the 20s of the 20th century, the integrity of historical monuments wasn’t greatly monitored, so the Tribune Tower in Chicago truly turned into the tower of the world.

  1. John Hancock Center

John Hancock Center is among the greatest skyscrapers of the city – you can easily find it due to the black facade, along which there are cross-shaped lines resembling the letter “X”, and two antennas on the roof.

On the 94th floor of the center of John Hancock, there’s an observation deck with a panoramic view of both the Magnificent Mile and Lake Michigan. The views are really amazing, and it’s best to come to the observation platform in the late afternoon, just before sunset. Then you will be able to catch the unique shots of Chicago in the rays of the setting sun, and after a few minutes – in the lights of the city.

  1. Willis Tower

Willis Tower is the tallest building in the city and for 25 years held the title of the highest skyscraper in the USA. Now 20 floors of the Willis Tower are occupied by the headquarters of United Airlines. Visitors can climb up to the 103rd floor and go out to one of several glass balconies.

Just imagine that between you and the ground more is than 400 meters and just a layer of glass. Of course, just thinking about it is breathtaking, but this is another way to overcome yourself and your fear of heights. You can go to the Willis Tower observation deck to watch the sunset – an adult ticket costs $22. Still, this is the second tallest building in the United States, so the price matches the high regalia of the skyscraper.

  1. Aqua

Another unique 82-story skyscraper is located in the center of Chicago closer to Lake Michigan. Its name reflects the unique design of the facade – wave-shaped balconies are located on most of its surface. Interestingly, the construction of this building is the largest project that has ever been entrusted to an American company led by a woman.

The Aqua building was designed in such a way that each apartment had a balcony, and from each balcony a good, unobstructed view can be enjoyed. This is a daunting task for such metropolis as Chicago! For this reason, the balconies in the Aqua Tower protrude quite significantly behind the base of the building – more than 3.5 meters. Aqua Tower houses mainly residential apartments, as well as a hotel.

  1. Wrigley Building

Directly opposite the Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue, there’s the Wrigley building – the headquarters of the corporation that at the end of the 19th century became famous for its chewing gum.

It’s believed that the appearance of the building was inspired by the Seville Cathedral, originally filled with details of the French Renaissance. There are 2 towers in the Wrigley building itself – northern and southern tower. The latter is most noticeable, because higher by 9 floors, and most importantly – has big watches.

The white facade of the Wrigley building is covered with glazed terracotta, which gives it a shine. It looks especially amazing in the evening, when the building is illuminated by spotlights.

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