8 Things to Keep On-Hand During Renovations

Most people will move a few times in their lives, and you rarely end up in a home that is 100% perfectly matched to your tastes. That’s where people feel the urge to gather up the tools and customize some aspects of their house to fit their needs and their aesthetic. When the time comes to renovate your home or a rental home, there’s going to be a lot of work ahead of you. Start by gathering ideas and doing the research. Next, you can gather tools and materials, and having the right tools by your side can assist you in getting through all that work more efficiently. Here are a few must-have items that should always be on-hand during your home renovation.



While many renovation TV shows like to showcase the renovators slamming a sledgehammer through the wall, that’s not how it really works. That just makes a mess of things. Rather, having a crowbar on hand will ensure that you have the proper tool to disassemble existing structures in a way that makes them easy to dispose of. For instance, pulling the dated paneling or floorboards off walls or floors. Plus, with a crowbar, there’s less flying debris you have to worry about. As an added bonus, if there wasn’t a lot of glue involved, you can keep the materials you are removing intact. They might not be right for your home décor anymore, but they can still be recycled.


Safety Masks

It’s very easy to start your renovation project and forget that you don’t have your safety mask on. This safety mask is imperative from protecting you against harmful airborne debris such as asbestos and plaster. When you have your safety masks on hand, you remember to put it on and you don’t try to utilize things like a t-shirt or bandanna for the job. While a piece of fabric might feel like it is doing the job, tiny, harmful particles could still find their way through.



When it comes to the destruction phase of your project, having a tarp to lay down can make all the difference in your cleanup time. If you just allow the debris to fall, you’ll be spending hours picking up items and sweeping. When you lay down a tarp, you can strategically fold it up and take it right out to the dumpster to throw the debris away.


For long-term use, custom tarps can come in handy. If you are storing building materials outside, it is recommended that you don’t leave them exposed to the weather through multiple seasons. You can get a tarp made to find just about anywhere if you look around online.


Safety Glasses

To protect flying debris as well as just airborne debris from getting in your eyes while you work, you should have a pair of safety glasses on. Be sure to have enough safety glasses for all those individuals who may stop by to help you. These will be extra useful when it comes to working in areas of high debris, such as removing plaster from a wall. Don’t forget that not all safety glasses are made equal. Do a little Googling, and get the right ones for the job.


Garbage Bins

When it comes to renovating a home, there’s a lot of garbage that piles up. Many people rent a dumpster, which is of great help in managing the clutter. However, getting your garbage out to that dumpster can take many trips without having reliable bins to use. Imagine raking leaves but not bagging them right away. They end up all over the yard again!

Have outdoor trash bins available so you can use contractor bags that can be easily transported to your dumpster. You can work on one thing at a time during renovations, the take all the debris to the dumpster at once since you will have been adding it to the garbage bin as you go.


Staple Gun

If you have been using nails and a hammer to put up drywall, baseboards, or anything else in your home, you have been doing it wrong! Before getting a staple gun or a nail gun, it is hard to imagine how much time you can save. It makes  tedious jobs as easy as stapling together paper. If you are doing a DIY project with a lot of hammering involved, such as building a shed or putting up wall paneling, a staple gun is a must-have. Just be sure that you have safety glasses available and know how to use it properly before starting work with a power tool.


Duct Tape

A roll of tape can really come in handy during renovations. Having a variety of tape types is really the way to go, but duct tape covers a lot of ground. Whether you are using it hold your tarp in place, keeping things together while waiting for glue to dry, or using it as a permanent adhesive, it should do the trick. Some other helpful types of tape to have around would be removable painter’s tape and electrical tape. With this trio, you should have all the bases covered.


First Aid Kit

As any regular DIY-er knows, accidents happen. You should make sure you have a first aid kit on-hand just in case you slip, trip, or otherwise hurt yourself. It is better to have it ready on the off-chance rather than not have bandages when you need them. That way, a minor injury won’t cause you to stop in the middle of your project. Make sure your kit has bandages in a variety of sizes, wound disinfectant, sterile pads, gauze, and possibly some ibuprofen and Pepto-Bismol in case of headaches or stomach aches that otherwise might slow you down.


Renovating your home or investment property can be a fun experience. It doesn’t have to be too hard either, especially if you are doing your research beforehand. Additionally, there are definitely some key tools that you’ll want to have handy to make the whole process more enjoyable. The above are just some of these basic tools and assets you should invest in so that your renovation goes smoothly.

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