TOP 10 Most Interesting Hotel Lobbies You Should Visit Once in Life

The summer is near. It is the right time to start planning your vacation. Where are you going? Most of the people come to the South to catch some sun and big waves. Others go somewhere to the North or East seeking out a quiet place to spend a weekend. What do you prefer? Looking for the luxury beach vacation, you can go to Florida or South Carolina. How to make your vacation even better? Luxury rental cars in Maryland can help you to get a car according to your taste and budget. The car and a chic beach getaway are not enough to feel like home. What makes you feel comfortable? Of course, it’s all about your hotel! Beach style, or so-called coastal style, is often met in the USA in the beach states. What makes it so attractive?

First of all, this is one of the fast growing decorating styles for the hotel interiors. You can easily recognize it by such features as a love of ocean colors, much light, natural materials, and fabrics. But if you want something more interesting and innovative, you can find hotels of many more styles and decor ideas. Thus, contemporary and classic designs are also very popular.

Sarova Whitesands - Room Interior



If you want to get know about your hotel style, look at the hotel lobby. The hotel lobby is a unique platform to create something really amazing and make your first impression. They can add historical elements, interesting paint combinations, flooring decoration. It is really important for hotels to focus on their lobbies and make them the most interesting and creative space.

  1. Go to New York, Hotel Empire NYC

This legendary place attracts tourists of its favorable location and luxury decoration. You can get to the Lincoln State Center and the popular touristic Central Park by walking. The lobby is organized in Art-deco style. You can see modern black-and-white floor, heavy golden drapes on the walls, cozy sofas, and low-light lamps. It looks like you are in a palace! The world-known Empire is famous of its unique combination of modern and old styles, silver and golden colors, low light and high ceiling. This is the hotel of contracts and royalty.

Taj Cape Town - Lobby


  1. Go to Paris, 1K Paris

The hotel with such a weird name is not the most popular place in Paris to stay. But this is the right place for those who are fond of nature and old South American culture. You feel like you are in the forest, not in the heart of Paris. The hotel designers were inspired by old Inca culture. That’s why the lobby is painted brightly, decorated with Inca’s masks, totems, wooden statues. Here and there on the floor and on the walls you can see green tropical plants and flowers. Go to relax in the lobby bar that follow Peruvian traditions.

  1. Go to Buenos Aires, Savoy Hotel

The lobby in Savoy goes to neo-baroque style. It was built up by the popular architect from Italy Geronimo Agostini. The hotel looks gorgeous! The wooden floor, golden columns and bright decorative elements on the walls, massive furniture, and ancient frescoes make you feel like in the palace. This is the atmosphere of ball and ageless luxury.



  1. Go to Vietnam, Anam Villas

Vietnam is not the most popular touristic place. But here, in the Cam Ranh Peninsula, you can find a hotel with a chic open-air lobby! The hotel is done in colonial style with columns and high ceiling. The floor is decorated with mosaic, big vases and plants. The furniture is light and white, made of local trees. It looks gorgeous on the back of fresh swimming pools, well-conditioned lawns, and the seashore.

  1. Go to New Orleans, Roosevelt Hotel

The style of this hotel is a perfect mix of modern elegance and old South American relics. You can see much space, marble hall, elegant chandeliers, and soft couches here and there.

  1. Go to Dubai, Palazzo Versace

Dubai is probably the most popular destination for luxury tourists. You can find a variety of elegant hotels here. But Palazzo Versace differs from the rest. You will be impressed of its light and airy design, mosaic floor, red-wood furniture, and stunning views from the hotel windows.

  1. Go to Morocco, Kenzi Solazur

Morocco is also known as the world-famous place of luxury hotels. Famous people from all over the world come here several times a year for Moroccan Horse Track and other public events for celebrities. The Kenzi Hotel is very beautiful and peaceful place. It goes to the beach with its marvelous views and fresh salty air. The hotel lobby is done in modern European and traditional Moorish styles. You will be impressed by spheres and spirals, white and black, mosaic and massive wooden furniture.

Hotel Lobby SJOAP


  1. Go to Hungary, Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons is a world popular hotel chain. Go to Hungary! This is a space of brightness and elegance. The lobby is decorated with a beautiful chandelier, glassy ceiling, and huge windows.

  1. Go to Rome, Eden Hotel

The Eden Hotel is decorated in classic style with marble and gold. The floor is traditionally covered with black-and-white mosaic. You can see the interesting elements of traditional Roman culture on the walls and in the suits.



  1. Go to Morocco, La Mamounia Hotel

If you want to find the brightest place in Morocco, you should stay in Mamounia Hotel. Its design flows out of Moroccan classic. This is a combination of bright colors, natural elements, and stunning tilework. You can’t find such a tiled floor anywhere else.

Hotel lobby is a special place that makes your first impression of the hotel you are going to stay. Look around and decide if you like it or not. Sometimes, when you are in a new country, hotel lobby speaks about the country culture and history better than a history book.

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