TOP 7 Architectural Masterpieces You Can See In Louisiana

Baton Rouge is a beautiful capital of a no less beautiful state Louisiana. Don’t you find its name a bit strange? It came from the names of two Indian tribes who lived here before. The city is full of old beautiful buildings. Magnolia Plantation is one of the oldest ones. Look at the State Capitol! This is a state building and museum altogether. You can find many interesting architectural compositions at every street. Sometimes, you have to spend the whole weekend, hunting for them. Do you want to feel like a rich plantation owner or a honorable dealer? Rolls Royce rental in Baton Rouge gives you a chance to travel through the city architectural monuments by a worthy car.

Also, a big exotic car waiting for you at the villa’s door gifts your pictures with much charm and coloring. Let’s see what the brightest architectural sights you can find in Louisiana.

Louisiana State Capitol - Top Detail


Old Capitol

The old building attracts people’s attention. It looks like a unique palace, built up in gothic and renascence style. The capitol was built in 1847. Later, the building was burnt and renewed. It took the leading role as an important state building many years. In 1932 the new capitol was built. But still people visit this atmospheric place with the goal to learn more about the state history, politics, architecture styles. Also, the Old Capitol welcomes visitors to celebrate national holidays, wedding dates.

State Capitol

The new capitol building was constructed in 1930. This is a huge tall building, decorated with many marble symbols all over the building: women with kids, patriots, soldiers. It is enough to go around the building and look at the walls. Do you want to admire the marvelous city view? Use lift to climb up the capitol roof. If you want to see and learn more about the state history, you are welcomed to go inside.

Baton Rouge Temple


Magnolia Plantation

This beautiful plantation is from the 18th century. Unlike the capitol buildings, the plantation house can boast different architecture flows which came from France and West-India. The truth is that the Magnolia Plantation was renowned many times by different people. Each of them tried to change the house. Nevertheless, the wooden construction still looks like from the 18th century. What is more, the house is surrounded by the old oak grove. The house and the grove welcome tourists for the excursion.

Magnolia Mound


Country Life Museum

Are you surprised that a city museum can be the best architectural sight? The Rural Life Museum is a unique place that speaks about way of life and culture of old Louisiana. The museum composition consists of seven buildings, including a granary house. Each of these buildings demonstrates different cultural flows and directions, started from the prehistorical period till now. You can see a house, a church, and storehouses.

Arts Center

It’s time to learn more about the state modern life. This building was constructed in 2005. This is a huge art object that goes through the whole district to the Mississippi River. The central position is taken by the beautiful old theater. People from all over the country come here to look at their performances. The Arts Museum is also a part of the huge center. Here, in the museum, you can see the unique collections of different art objects, including portraits, sculptures, jewelry works. It takes you a day or two to see everything here.

National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) -- The National Mall Washington (DC) October 2016


Arts&Sciences Museum

This is a unique mix of arts and sciences. Don’t be afraid to come here with the whole family. The galleries and changing exhibits will show you the facts and pictures of American and European arts, modern and old art samples, photography, architecture. What about the scientific part? This is the right place for spending time with kids. You can see many interesting compositions with interactive exhibits that you can touch and play. The most interesting place is Egypt gallery devoted to mummies, and other mysterious artifacts. Oh, don’t miss the territory of Planetarium.

Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge LA


Governor’s Mansion

This interesting house is situated not very far from the city capitol. It was built in early 30th for the city governor. Look attentively! This is a unique architecture sample that looks exactly like the White House! You can take pictures at the massive white columns, snow-white facade. Do you want to see the house interior? Welcome inside! You can see a lot of decorative objects and households.

Governor's Mansion


How much days does it take you to see everything you have planned? Baton Rouge has much to offer for tourists. You should think of the right place to stay. Look at the central district. The city capitol, beautiful river, museums, and art objects are concentrated in the city center. Also, it is not a problem to find a good restaurant to have dinner and a comfortable hotel to stay for weekend.

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