How to Make an Older Home Look New Before You Sell

As 94% of realtors suggest that sellers improve their home’s curb appeal prior to selling it, it’s important for homeowners to make their home seem as new as possible. Consider the following four tips to freshen up a home’s exterior prior to listing it.

Replace Doors and Window Frames

One important way to make any older home look new is to replace doors and windows. With freshly updated windows designed for energy efficiency and heavy-duty tech-savvy doors, homeowners will be able to make their property appeal more to buyers. Experts say that window replacements earn homeowners a 70% ROI. When it comes to door replacements, specifically steel entry doors, homeowners can expect an ROI of over 100%.

Repaint the Home

There’s almost nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t do. Homeowners hoping to freshen up the exterior of their house will be able to do just that if they paint exterior walls. With a fresh coat of paint on the home’s exterior, homeowners should see a 55% ROI or more.

While some homeowner’s opt to repaint their home in the same color, choosing a different color gives homeowners the opportunity to make their home even more attractive. Choosing more avant-garde color choices will make a property seem more dynamic and appealing to buyers looking for more modern homes.

Replace Your Roof

When aiming to get their home ready to sell, homeowner’s must be sure to include their roof as well. Though replacing a roof is costly, a new roof can boost a house’s value by $12,000. Not ready to replace the entire roof? Investing in new replacement shingles can have the same effect for buyers on the hunt for recently renovated homes.

Invest in Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the first things that attract a buyer to a home. A property with a lush green yard will always look better than a home with dying grass and patches of dirt. When it comes to investing in landscaping, homeowners can expect an ROI that’s anywhere between 100% – 1000%.

While homeowners can improve their landscaping by hiring a professional landscaper, many opt to spruce up their yards themselves. Something as simple as fresh flowers planted around the front of a home can be enough to significantly improve a home’s exterior.

With so many other properties on the market, homeowners that are hoping to sell should do all they can to improve their home’s appearance. With these four tips, homeowners will find that they are able to list their homes at a higher price.

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