What You Need to Check on Your Office Moving

Are you planning to move to the new office? Whether it is overseas, or across the country, you will need storage space. You may also have tons of questions to ask but have no answers. So, what you need to check when moving your office?

First things first, you will want to categorize the items per department in your company. If you have dozens of departments, make sure you give the code for a specific department. For instance, 01 for marketing, 02 for a digital agency, and so on. With these numbers, you can identify the boxes. The items and goods will then go to the right department and owners.

There might be a lot of IT tools and devices in your companies. You will want to be meticulous about this. Make sure all of the data, servers, cables, and others are packed in the noted boxes so that they are ready for transfer. Your professional moving company should know how to handle these things.

Although the professionals already help you, don’t overlook the slits in your company building. Make sure the moving activity can be conducted smoothly. That includes making the arrangements to park the moving vehicle near the exit to ease the loading process. The good thing about hiring the professionals is that they can also help you to carry heavy stuff like furniture, vending machine, and so on.

Always maintain the two-way communication with the moving staff so that you will ever know the status of every item in your company. Let your secretary cross-check the information so that there won’t be any missing item.

You could also email your staff with the information of moving at least two weeks before moving. If necessary, ask them to label every item with the codes you have given to them so that your moving staffs will know where to put the things in the office. You could imagine what will happen if there is no code or sign in the boxes. Your space might be cluttered with stuff that belongs to other departments.

To ensure that the moving process will be smooth, you could ask your staffs to empty all the cabinets, lockers, and desks. All of the items should be labeled. If you have a fridge or vending machine, make sure to empty them.

Ask your staffs to take their belongings at home. Last but not least, ask your representatives or your trusted people to be present in the new office. Have them supervising the unloading process. Always maintain excellent communication with them.

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