TOP 6 Crazy KID-THEMED ROOMS for Your Attention

When you go traveling with kids, you have to book a hotel. Of course, it is not a good idea to sleep in the car with the whole family if that is not a family truck. Orlando is the world popular family place. People from all over the world come here to visit amusement parks. You can see young parents with small kids, big companies of teenagers, young adults, and curious grannies with their grandsons and daughters. To feel more comfortable and have a possibility to visit many more interesting places during the weekend you need a car. Under 21 car rental in Orlando have a big choice of cars for different age categories. Don’t worry if you 20 and going to Orlando with your friends. You can hire a car for weekend as surely as book a hotel. What kind of room are you going to hire? Orlando is a kiddy place and you can always impress your kids with a specially designed room.

Try to book a Minion suite in Loews Bay Hotel. This huge space is designed in minion style, with twin beds, a desk, and bright decor. This is a place your kids will surely adore! Florida and California can boast their specially designed rooms for kids. You can snoop around and take their crazy ideas for your home! Let’s look through it!

Disney World Magic Kingdom



  1. Go to Grand Clearwater Beach Resort, Florida

Winter the Dolphin Room, about $180 per night

Actually, there are more than 10 specially designed rooms for kids in this hotel. They all are decorated in Winter the Dolphin theme. It looks like you are in the aquarium, not in the hotel. If your kids are fond of the sea life, you can’t find a better room for weekend! What is more, you get a free ticket to the local aquarium, a toy of Winter, and an interesting book of Winter’s adventures. What do you think of that?

  1. Go to LEGOLAND Hotel, California

Pirate Adventure Room, about $180 per night

All boys like pirates and their adventures. The Pirate rooms are very popular in LEGOLAND. You feel like you are on a board of the ship, not in the hotel. The room is decorated in red and white colors with striped pillows and blankets. The pirate theme can be found even in the bathroom with a bit treasure chest and a bronze sink that really looks an ancient artifact. If you are tired of pirates at home, you can propose your kids to pick the room of Indiana Jones or ancient Egyptian pharaohs.


  1. Go to Disneyland Hotel, California

Mickey Mouse Penthouse, about $500 per night

Mickey is a legendary Disney’s character that everyone knows. You can spend the whole day playing with Mickey Mouse, taking photos, enjoying his company and then, when you go back to the hotel, you meet him at home! What a luck! The penthouse takes a huge territory for about 1 600 square feet. There is a big TV, interesting kids’ bedroom, a living room, and a dining room where Mickey can take up to six guests.

Mickey's Room.jpg

  1. Go to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Orlando

Family Suites, about $200

Here you can find a suite for kids and parents. What is your son’s favorite cartoon character? Does he like Mickey or Lion King?  The hotel has much to offer. You can take a Lion King suite, Nemo, Pumbaa or Simba. The family suites have much space for all family members. The decoration is really impressive! Thus, in the Cars Family suites, you feel like in the auto shop. The rooms are equipped with all necessities your family need, including free Wi Fi.

  1. Go to Loews Pacific Resort, Orlando

Jurassic Park Suites, about $300

Everyone likes Jurassic Park! Who doesn’t? The room is traditionally large and comfortable, decorated with dinosaurs, wooden sofa, huge TV, and much space for kids to play in the indoor tree house. You feel like you are in the jungles, looking for your way home!


  1. Go to Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, California

Camp Snoopy Room, about $120

The room looks interesting because its adorable Snoopy beds, huge pictures on the walls, and many more interesting Snoopy details. Look at the floor! The carpets are decorated with a funny paw print and Snoopy portraits. What is more, your kids get a small presents in form of Snoopy toys and sweets. It’s so sweet!

As you can see, there are many interesting kiddy suits in the hotels around the amusement parks. But if you are not going to visit one these parks these days, you can find a special family suite in any city, even far from the amusement parks. Can’t you believe this? Do you remember who lives in a pineapple under the sea? You can find a Pineapple Suite exactly like from SpongeBob cartoon. That’s amazing!

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