Top British Bathroom Interior Design Trends

What are the new bathroom trends that our island neighbors across the pond are coming up with these days?

The latest rage is modern colors and designs with a mix of classic early 20th-century design schemes that blend seamlessly to create a unique look. In our article on ‘5 Emerging Kitchen and Bath Trends’ we took a look at how sustainable luxury and innovative technologies blended together to make their mark here in the U.S. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the top British bathroom design trends currently doing the rounds.

Toilet Design

While a basic toilet design has remained practically unchanged for over a century, modern looks and new technologies are very much in trend. A post by Medium on this year’s bathroom trends notes how rimless, wall-hung toilets that are easier to clean and more hygienic, are becoming super popular. Many homeowners, however, still prefer the classic design and in Britain, you’ll still find many homes sporting this timeless look with the tank mounted high up on the wall. The toilets featured on Screwfix follow traditional design themes and show how 20th century inspired fixtures continue to be very popular. As a result, when updating their bathrooms, British homeowners tend to keep a classic look and update it with the latest accent colors like brass, or the ultra-popular black satin.

Gray Bathroom Motif

One of the biggest trends to come out in the past decade, gray bathroom styling gets more and more popular each year. It is a minimalist, yet sophisticated design that has become a big hit in Britain and even Europe. Gray complements both classic and modern looks, and because of its neutral tones, it won’t look dated anytime soon. A good way to add gray tones to your bathroom is with gray marble for a luxurious look, gray slate for an elegant and enduring design or a coat of on-trend grey matte-finish to add a bit of mood. Interior design expert Jennifer Ebert suggests complementing your gray design with contrasting colors to create an instant pop that will bring your scheme to life.

Wet Rooms

A popular feature found in European bathrooms, wet rooms have started to become popular in Britain this year. Separated from the rest of the bathroom by a large pane of sectional glass, usually with a trending black frame for that popular industrial look, wet rooms incorporate a shower and tub. What this creates is a functional wet space which makes the bathroom seem bigger and more open. Living Etc. describes how a wet room is one of the best ways to fashion a spa feel in your bathroom, with a fully tiled showering space free from a shower tray or enclosure. As such, with no obstacles whatsoever, wet spaces not only feature a more fluid design but also provide ideal accessibility for those struggling with mobility.

Black Framed Crittall Shower


As we mentioned above, black-framed crittall enclosures are very common for wet rooms but also as shower enclosures. While shower frames were previously only available in polished silver, white or gold frame around a large pane of frosted or patterned glass, advances in technology and changing consumer tastes have seen a renaissance with matte painted blacks and industrial finishes. Home Magazine’s article on sleek choices for shower enclosures details how a crittall style screen will immediately establish the shower space and add an elegant style with its vertical and horizontal lines. This style is held in high regard by design experts, and very popular for boutique hotel bathrooms. With their minimalist ‘industrial chic’ aesthetic, black frames are a great complement to a mix of gray and rustic tones. However, they look exceptional with white subway tiles. Additionally, the black grid framed enclosures are stunning and complement more traditional styled bathrooms. They work well with an entirely monochrome scheme and can help to break up space and tie your color scheme together nicely.

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