How to Match Your Outdoor Decor with Your Home Design

Decorating your property is one of the simplest pleasures of being a homeowner. Though it may seem difficult to unify your indoor and outdoor decor, keeping a few design elements in mind can make the process easier. Think of some of these tips when you decorate and see how you can beautify your area.

Unify by Color

One of the easiest ways to match your indoor and outdoor decor is to think about what common colors can bring the areas together. Transitional colors and contrasting ones can be very attractive if they are skillfully arranged. If you have a central decor already set around your indoor area, it can be easy to unify it with the outside by introducing common colors and making the shift easier from one section to the next.

Plan for Materials

Think about some of the furniture that you have outside and inside your home. What are the common materials used? Can their colors be used to transition from one section of the house to the next? If you have wood or metal furniture, chances are that you already have everything you need to bring the elements together. Consider how the rest of interior of your home will look through double glazed windows, and how the materials within will blend or clash with your exterior. Think about how decorating according to material can establish a centralized theme for the rest of your household to follow.

Lead the Eye

One of the best ways to decorate is to focus on lighting and shading to naturally lead the eye around the area. This can be easily done with both the indoor and outdoor area. Indoors, think about arranging the lighting to lead to your yard. Outdoors, plan for making the trip back indoors as decorative and interesting as the natural elements outside. Using carefully arranged light fixtures can be especially instrumental in achieving the desired effect.

Use Common Motifs

Every house has unifying motifs, even if they are not immediately noticeable. Think about some of the elements that are present that you can introduce to the outside area. Things like line arrangements, tiny patterns, and even larger elements like specific animals or plants can make a difference in your decorating potential. If you start to spot these elements try to transition them into the outside area to see how you can bring the two locations together.

If you find yourself still struggling, it can be a good idea to consult with a design professional to explore some of your existing elements. A fresh eye’s perspective on your property can help you figure out what will and won’t work in your decor.

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