How to Keep Your House Safe from Electrical & Plumbing Fails During Winters

We all have problems. And we always think back to the time in the past our actions could have prevented the problems of the present. We think to ourselves if we could go back to those times, we would definitely perform those actions.

But then, same happens in the present. We see something that needs our attention, we delay it, to the point it becomes a problem.

Well, there are millions of trade jobs around the house in every house, in every city, every country, every continent every year that require some attention and a little effort but don’t get it on time.

The reason for this delayed attention can be lack of time. Busy schedules often result in not prioritizing the small trades jobs around the house. Like for example, a hinge that start making squeaking noises. But you don’t oil it on time and the sound increases little by little, day by day. Until one day the hinge breaks and damages whatever it was joint to. Or pipes. You know you should winterize your house, your plumbing. Especially in areas with winter snow, pipes can freeze, expand, and burst. Costing you a fortune on replacements and repairs. I understand that taking time out of your job, social life, and pending tasks can be very difficult, but remember that if you don’t, it’ll be much harder when it’s worsened, take much more time, and leave a huge dent on your budget.

Sometimes the reason could be just procrastinating. You know something needs done and needs to be done urgently. But you just keep delaying for no better reason than “Not wanting to do it”. Of course as an adult no one comes to do it for you, the mild required trade job keeps deteriorating until it becomes a full fledged damage and requires hours of professional tradesmen, materials and hard earned dollars. Do you know how much plumbers cost per hour? A lot, so much more than the average Australian makes in Sydney. Tradies are actually one the best paying jobs in Australia. Trades jobs in Sydney pay an average of $35. That’s higher than what 80% of Australians make on average. So if you’re reason to delaying action on that trades job in your house is only “not feeling like doing that much work”. Remember, you’ll have to do much more work than it requires right now, and it’ll probably cost you money that you are yet to earn.

There’s another reason that you might not have a problem taken care of on time. And that is also a very common one. Not knowing there’s a problem. Yep, unless there’s an accident, things like pipes, heaters, air conditioners, wiring and others don’t break instantly. The deteriorate over time. And you might not know what condition they’re in because to you they’re working perfectly fine. But one day the buildup reaches its limit, and all hell breaks loose. Water is coming out of where it’s supposed to go in, you’ve got water coming out the ground like when you hit the water hydrant in GTA, you’re hearing bangs and sparks from the basement, the water gutter came crashing down… Maybe not all of these at once, but when it happens, it happens. The reason these things take you by surprise is not because they happened right then and there was no build up, it’s because you missed the clues. Or the clues were too subtle to notice for anyone other than a plumber, electrician or any other trade’s tradie.

This article here is for anyone and everyone from Australia especially Sydney, that can relate to the situations mentioned above.

Common winter plumbing fails in Sydney

Water pumps or Sump pumps damaged

Now you may not be able to see a Sump pump’s condition in your everyday routine. Because if you’re a normal person, your daily routine probably doesn’t include going to the basement to open a sump pit and looking at how things are going, as very few people find leisure in such activities. So how do you prevent your pump from deceiving you in the middle of a wet winter. Regular yearly maintenance!!!

Yep, there’s very little you can do to make a good guess about what’s going on in there unless you hire a professional to check it for you before an upcoming rain season. Otherwise, water will start to accumulate at your house’s lowest point, seeping into the foundation, warping wood, causing rot, and leading to mold growth.

To prevent these things from happening, your best bet is maintenance checkups. Living in big cities has its perks. Finding a plumber for a trades job in Sydney shouldn’t be that difficult for you. If you’re not sure of the best and easiest way to find a certified tradesman, stick around till the end of this article and we’ll let you know.

Low water pressure

This one!!!!.

You’d think millionaires and near billionaires don’t have these petty problems like having trades jobs popping up around their houses. No one thinks that a Million-dollar mansion would have their pipes or sewerage systems busted. But we often forget, the rich and poor, are people after all. Similarly, Mansions and suburb houses, are houses,

after all.


American model, multi- millionaire entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner was roasted till burnt because of her multi-million-dollar mansion’s poor water pressure.

So, you now know this could happen to anyone.

Winter could have pipes bursting & clogging though not bound to seasons for happening may as well occur. Take a look at the pipes yourself, if everything looks fine, call a plumber to take care of it instantly before the water stops mid shower.


There are some trades jobs in Sydney that are not as important in other cities, and vice versa. This one is not important for people living in Sydney and you find many tradesmen for this job either. But in chillier parts of Australia, it’s quite important.

If your house is going to be vacant for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to empty all the pipes and have them filled with anti-freeze liquid.

If you’re not smart to do this, you might come back to a house with non-functional plumbing.

Breaker Trips/Outages

Although these problems don’t occur in winter explicitly, they are more prevalent during winter season. This is because of the high demand in electricity due to heating systems, portable heaters and other seasonal devices that consume a large amount of electricity.

If your home’s electrical circuit is not powerful enough, you might have light flickering, dimming and straight up sparking. To prevent this from happening, you need to upgrade your electrical system which will allow you to experience the benefits of a stronger electric current.

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Hope this article was helpful to you and you had a good time reading it.

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