Buy Automatic Home Standby Generators

Standby generators are offered in various makes and models online. When you think of adding the comfort of a standby generator to your home, it is advisable to make a good comparison. This way coming to a good decision will be easier and you can use the information available online to help you make the choice.

There are hundreds of websites that display the latest reviews of users. The online sellers have all the information that you may need on a given model. You can find spec sheets, product brochures and descriptions to help you make a comparative study.

Every home is different and may have its own unique needs that have to be met within the budget. Online you can find a variety of models that are offered on discounted rates. Many websites also offer easy financing so buyers can make monthly installments on their new purchases. First, you will need to know how much backup power your unit needs to supply and then you can go about your comparison. Features are the next thing you need to look at. Some models have advanced features that allow for more savings while others also have better safety features such as low oil shut down.

Most homeowners do not find it necessary to run all the appliances using the generator at all times. They select the items they will be using in case the grid power fails. This lowers the cost of running the generator. So think ahead of time and make the necessary calculations to manage the power system. If you have two air conditioners you will need a bigger standby generator. If cost is no concern you can run all the appliances you need without having to worry about the expense. A large capacity generator will fulfill all the house needs.

Next thing you need to worry about is the fuel type. The popular types of standby generators run on propane gas and natural gas. These units run very quietly and there is little need for refueling as compared to diesel generators. Some generators run on two or three types of fuels. When natural gas is the fuel choice, you need to know that such generators work less efficiently as compared to propane. With propane they generator more power. If you plan to use just natural gas due to the convenience it offers, choose a large size unit that has a higher output. If you want to run the generator on propane for a few days, think of getting a larger tank so the generator can fulfill your daily needs.

You will first need to test run the generator to see how long the fuel tank will last. It is advisable to keep a tank in the spare so in case there is an outage caused by a storm there will be no need to get out of the house to get more propane. The more power your generator will produce the more fuel the generator will use. The size of the engine also matters a lot. So there are two factors that affect fuel use. One is electricity usage and the other is the size of the engine. The large size engines consume more fuel as compared to the smaller ones. Keep the electric load to a minimum if you plan to use the generator for several days at a stretch. All generators have specifications that you can check. Look at the full-load and half-load fuel consumption to make up your mind.

All home standby generators need to have a transfer switch. This is how the generator will connect to your home. It auto selects grid power and generator power as and when the need arises. Transfer switches can be bought from the manufactures and the suppliers who have online websites. It is good to get one with the purchase. A transfer switch is specially designed for a specific model so make sure you get the right one in case you are ordering online.

Using a transfer switch allows you to choose specific items. You can have a warm shower, keep foods chilled, keep the security alarms armed and so forth. After you buy the generator you will also have to install it. Get the right accessories for installation and call the electrician over to do the job for you. The location of the installation depends on the size of the unit. If it is small you can have it closer to the house. Larger generators are installed away from the building. It should also not be anywhere near the neighbor’s house as it emits carbon monoxide and the neighbor may get annoyed over it.

Some states follow strict standards and the use of some models is completely restricted. So make sure whatever model you are buying is allowed for use in your state. If you are living near the beach side where the air has higher salt content, you need to get a generator set that has a corrosion-proof enclosure. Some models have the aluminum casing with powder coating that will never catch rust.

Check to see what types of generators your neighbors and others in the city are using if you live in a very harsh climate. Select from the best selling models if they meet your requirements. The online distributors are a good source of information as well but it is best to read the online user reviews before you make up your mind.

Buying a standby generator is a good way of keeping the house safe when there is a power failure. In areas where outages are common or where storms are expected to make landfall, a standby unit is a necessity. If you have a security alarm system installed in the house the family will remain safe throughout the storm. Buying online is easy. You can get rebates, low rates, free shipping, and after-sales support. For those on a budget, credit is offered by some online dealers so you can buy any model you like.

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