The Hand Showers and Shower Heads Buying Guide

One of the reasons to come home is to rejuvenate with the help of your shower. You will feel refreshed when you pour the water from above to your body. After all, it is one of the most effective ways to fix yourself after getting the hectic days. But it won’t work unless you purchase the best hand showers and shower heads. Most of them come in one set, but some products are separately sold. Here are the tips for finding the perfect ones for you.

How many gallons per minute?

The standard showerhead comes with 2.5 GPM or Gallon Per Minute. You could stick to this characteristic since these are water conserving models. It will help you save a lot of water on an annual basis. Installing this unit at your bathroom will save money and water significantly. Look at various options from popular brands. Consider choosing the 2.5 GPM shower head.

The water pressure

It is one of the very first things to check. Check the water pressure in your house before going to the market. If you notice that the water pressure in your home is a bit lower, there’s a chance that leaks or clogs are happening. You must hire plumbers to work around with the problem first to get the right measurement for your shower heads.

Consider the types

There are different types of the showerheads: wall-mounting, handheld showers, top mount showers, as well as multi-spray shower panels. These have their pros and cons so that you need to be considerate when choosing the type.

The wall mounting type is the most commonly available in the market. The class has various models at affordable prices. You can also install them with ease. Unscrew your old showerhead and replace it with the new one.

The handheld showers are convenient for those who have kids and pets at home. Your kids can easily use handheld showers without reaching the top of the rain. Meanwhile, it is also easier to use handheld showers to bath your furry buddies.

Top mount showers are also called as high mount showers. These are luxurious shower heads that create the rain sensation above your head. If you have fantasized to bath under the rain, this shower can give you that.

Meanwhile, the multi-spray shower panels are the most advanced among the different types of the showerhead. These give you spa-like experience at your bathroom. You can enjoy the water flow as you desire. Not to mention that you can also set the height of the shower head.


Consider taking the type of shower heads that can work the most in your bathroom. After all, you can upgrade it anytime when you have extra cash.

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