Steel Yourself: 5 Ways to Incorporate Steel Into Your Home’s New Design

Steel is nothing new. It’s been used for centuries to fabricate some of the most intrigue design pieces. Homeowners have even started to incorporate the unique look of steel in their home. If you love the sleek look of this metal material, here are five ways you can incorporate it into your new home’s design.


One of the biggest design crazes with steel right now is the staircase. It’s incorporated in so many different ways to add a modern and sleek touch to the look of a home. You can opt for steel only stairwells which typically look best in a deep black. You can also install steel handrails and steps accompanied by glass side protectors. Even fancy intrigue designs can be fabricated into the handrails and posts to make your stairway one of a kind.


Steel appliances have been making a splash in homes with all different design themes. The finished look of steel tends to fit with any sort of design, whether it be modern or rustic. Consider purchasing your major appliances like your stove, fridge, and microwave in a stainless steel finish. It will be sure to add value to your home alongside a great look.

Decor Accents

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this sleek material into the design of your home is to showcase decor accents made from custom steel fabrication. These can be literally anything from busts to lettering to shelving. Steel can be fabricated into endless amounts of designs so you’ll be sure to find some steel decor accents that will fit the style of your existing rooms.

Cabinet Hardware

If you’re looking for a simple upgrade that can incorporate the look of steel into your home without spending a pretty penny, consider upgrading your cabinet hardware. The kitchen or the bathroom should be your first room of choice. Switch out existing handles and knobs for steel ones. If you want to, consider a customized steel design in the handles and knobs for added sophistication.

Fence and Gate

You don’t have to reserve the use of steel to the interior of your home. You can showcase its sleek and modern texture on the exterior of your home with fences and gates. A simple steel gated driveway can provide a look of sophistication for your home. A steel fence can provide the perfect look of creating a property line without completely hiding your property behind closed doors.

Incorporating the look of steel into your home can help to provide a more modern look. There are various ways you can do so depending on what your budget is. The above are five great suggestions that you should consider for your home.

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