Restaurants in Dubai: 5 Spots with Impressive Interior

Dubai is a city with a unique oriental flavor and no less fascinating sights. Here you can see the highest building in the world, a giant aquarium or fabulously beautiful mosques. A well-developed road infrastructure and 14CARS service makes moving between the sights of the city easy and fast.

Local restaurants deserve special attention. However, choosing the best restaurants in Dubai is very difficult, because there are many criteria for their evaluation. Still, we will try to choose the best restaurants in Dubai, which stand out for their unique interior and delicious cuisine…


Culinary Boutique

After getting there, at first it may seem that you accidentally entered a designer furniture store. Wavy ceiling, copper dishes, and soft pillows – it looks like a picture from the cover of an interior magazine. This is not surprising: the cafe’s director is the UAE businesswoman Hessa Al-Quassimi. She used to work at Top Chef Dubai Culinary School, and now she also runs an elite clothing workshop.

In this quiet place in Jumeirah, it’s not only cozy, but also very tasty. As befits the creator of the culinary school, Hessa provided an interesting menu of unique coffee drinks: the main specialty is cappuccino with lavender extract, which has already become Dubai’s most Instagrammable coffee. On the second floor there’s a culinary school with excellent kitchen equipment. The school offers many different lessons for beginners and professionals of all ages.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road 1, Villa #56


The Victorian


(photo by Gla Hotels)

The Victorian is a place where all the best of the Victorian era is collected. It combines romance and etiquette with modern cooking. The menu features classic British dishes: soups, salads, truffles and, of course, excellent steaks and fish platter.

The fans of sweets will also find something interesting. For example, it can be the freshest macaroni, which literally melts in the mouth. Also, it’s a pleasure to taste delicious and varied breakfasts along with traditional afternoon English tea. It’s served in porcelain tableware with a set of small sandwiches, scones and cakes.

You will be offered a choice of more than 15 different varieties of tea, each of which is worthy. Etiquette, architecture, art, cooking and even fashion are excellently combined there.

Address: City Walk Dubai Boulevard


Comptoir 102

Comptoir 102 is a French concept store and cafe: fashion, stunning interior and healthy dishes is what you’ll find there. The establishment offers raw food, gluten-free and vegan dishes, organic juices and smoothies. After lunch, you can explore a collection of clothes, accessories and household goods, carefully selected by the owners.

This is exactly how you imagine a healthy-style café in Parisian style with a relaxed atmosphere and a bamboo fenced greenhouse at the back of the cafe. There’s always an assortment of juices, salads and sandwiches in the menu, but you will find the most interesting dishes in the daily changing menu from the chef.

If you go to the cafe in the evening, you may find that the specialties have already run out. Comptoir 102 doesn’t like to throw away or freeze food, so all fresh food is eaten the same day. This means the fans of a healthy diet will certainly like this place.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road 1, Villa #101


Intersect by Lexus

This is a modern cafe with an innovative idea located in DIFC – it cooperates with the automobile concern Lexus and features alternative methods of brewing coffee.

Coffee is served at a temperature of 65 degrees, which is ideal to keep a maximum of texture and sweetness. The spacious concept store and restaurant are designed in the same style: leather seats are the same as in Lexus salons, bamboo bars on the walls, and a carefully selected collection of books, arranged in six tall cabinets.

Three separate menus are offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can order something completely unconventional, for example, beet-barley risotto: the taste of barley stewed in beet juice turned out to be much deeper than you can imagine. When serving, slices of bright varietal beets and sour cream-fresh juice are added to risotto, which perfectly emphasizes vegetable sweetness. What’s more, the plate is decorated with fresh parsley, chives and edible flowers.

Address: Gate Village 7, DIFC



In the most creative district of Dubai – the Dubai Design District, a new player has stepped onto the restaurant scene. Molecule is a cafe-bistro, a lounge and the art gallery with bistronomic cuisine at the same time. The concept of bistronomy is described as the next step in restaurant culture.

It absorbs bold and rich tastes by using high-quality, fresh ingredients of dishes served in a relaxed atmosphere. Chef Udo Moreau is responsible for this idea.

The concept of Bistronomy is focused on the use of seasonal products in combination with regional flavors. Much attention in Molecule is paid to the design and aesthetics of the presentation. Lebanese architect Fadi Sarieddine from the world-famous design studio applied his experimental approach to the image of Molecule, focusing on blending traditional design with unconventional materials.

Address: Dubai Design District, Building 6, R08

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