Is Custom Furniture a Real Option for a Regular Joe or Jolene?

It’s Jennifer Adams again, and I’m back to help you tackle more of those tough home furnishings and home décor questions! Today’s question is an interesting one: Is custom furniture a real option for a Regular Joe or Jolene? Well, I’m here today to tell you that it is!

Custom Furniture for All

First of all, I love this question! Most people think custom furniture is only for rich people, but in my experience, that’s really not the case at all. Any time you have an unusual need – such as a stereo cabinet with specific equipment or cable routing needs, or perhaps you want seating that is a particular size for whatever reason – going custom ensures you get a lot closer to what you really need and want. True, it may cost a little more than a similar pre-made piece, but when you get something you will truly enjoy for years to come, the investment will be worth it!

How to Find the Best Custom Furniture

As can be the case with many things, the internet is your friend. Start by doing an internet search of custom furniture in your area, and maybe look at some shopping sites such as Etsy. Take a social media survey of your friends and acquaintances and ask them which local interior designers or decorators they recommend. Seek companies or individuals with experience in the type of furniture you want and the styles you like and start getting a feel of how they work and what their pricing structure is. Surfing the web is helpful as a starting place, but then it’s best to be able to see their work in person. Just like hiring a reputable contractor, you may need to meet with a few custom furniture providers and survey their work before finding a good match for what you want.

Ensuring the Quality

A good custom furniture maker will even give you the freedom to help custom design the furniture you want. With a stereo system that includes a turntable, for example, you might need a sturdier construction and some non-adjustable shelves to reduce vibrations. An open or partially-open back will allow you to run your cables and provide needed ventilation for your sound equipment.

So, What Can I Customize?

Depending on your budget and the furniture makers you find, the options are really pretty wide-open. A better question to ask is what CAN’T you customize. Some factors that will add to the cost to your piece include wood selection, number of shelves, construction methods, design time, and the timeline you have in mind for getting the piece finished and placed in your home. Often, manufacturers have a few products they make regularly, and simply modifying one of these pieces instead of starting from scratch may be a less expensive way to go.

Make Your Home Furniture LOOK Expensive

If you’re not yet in a financial place to be able to invest heavily in custom furniture pieces, there are some things you can do to make your home furnishings look more expensive and luxurious. An attractive, well-placed, textural weighted blanket or throw pillow can do wonders. Be creative, and have fun with it! Let me know what you come up with!


– Jennifer Adams

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