Green With Envy: How to Build an Extraordinary Backyard

A well laid-out and landscaped backyard can boost property value while providing you with the perfect setting for parties and entertaining. The perfect backyard can take time to construct and you would do well to select your next landscaping project with care. From gardens and lighting to shaded areas and irrigation systems, the right landscaping upgrade or addition can make quite an impact.

Flower Gardens and Other Accents

Quality hardscaping and a well-manicured lawn will only get you so far. Seasonal plants that can add a vibrant splash of color to their surroundings may be just the thing for creating a more attractive and memorable space. Even saplings, shrubs and other greenery can help to highlight other landscaping features when properly utilized.

Growing Your Own Produce

Homeowners may be able to benefit from more than just decorative landscaping options. Vegetable gardens and fruit trees can allow you to start growing your own produce. Gardening is a rewarding hobby, one that will provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables that can help cut your grocery costs. Finding plants that are well suited to seasonal lighting and weather conditions also lets you change things up a bit as the year goes on.

Minimizing Irrigation

Lawn care and upkeep can be a tiresome and inconvenient chore. From landscaping designs that use native plants to automated sprinklers and irrigation equipment, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you can enjoy the perfect lawn without having to break a sweat. The right irrigation solutions can also go a long way towards helping to reduce your monthly water bill.

Planning Your Next Landscaping Project

Landscaping projects often seem much easier than other home renovations and upgrades, but that doesn’t mean they should be rushed into from planting the wrong vegetables to dealing with runoff or standing water due to inadequate drainage, the problems associated with a rushed gardening project or a botched landscaping addition are something that you would do well to avoid Planning, patience and preparation can be essential concerns when it comes to creating and maintaining the backyard and outdoor environment of your dreams

Lighting and Illumination

Inadequate lighting means not being able to fully enjoy the scenery once the sun has gone down. Solar accent lights that require no electricity and minimal upkeep are perfect for illuminating paths, walkways and even gardens or other landscaping features. Other additions like a covered deck or vinyl gazebo kits can provide you with a comfortable place to relax and socialize, provided they are properly lit.

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