7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen a More Personal Space

Sometimes, it might feel like a true challenge to effectively do a proper kitchen makeover, especially when you want to add a personal touch as well. After all, all kitchens look rather similar and have the same essentials such as cabinets and appliances. But, even though this may be true and your main goal may as well be the functionality of your kitchen, you can add personality without cluttering up the space. And when your kitchen feels like a more personal space, you’ll find it more pleasant to spend time in, too.

1. Change Up Your Colour Scheme

When you’re not sure where to start, turn to paint! One of the most effective ways to boost the look of your kitchen space and make it more personal is to give your walls and possibly even cabinets a fresh coat of paint. You don’t have to use just one shade for the walls either. Just make sure to use a colour that you find pleasant and appropriate for your kitchen look. Vinyl wallpaper is one of the favourite homeowner tricks when it comes to adding more interest to the walls in the kitchen inexpensively; not to mention that this is a rather great solution for a backsplash. And if you have tiles in your kitchen, break the monotony by replacing a couple of random tiles with new ones in a different colour or a striking pattern.

2. Do Something About Your Lights

Great lighting is very important for the kitchen space, especially the so-called task lighting. Fortunately, the modern market is filled with various styles and interesting designs when it comes to light fixtures and covers as well as efficient task lights for the kitchen specifically. In that respect, you can play the lighting card and add a personal yet very functional touch to your kitchen area. It’s a win-win situation: you get to customize this room and make it brighter with no clutter involved!

3. Go with a Cabinet Makeover

Obviously, you can always buy new kitchen elements that fit your personal style a bit better. Still, if you’re not ready for such an investment, there are plenty of crafty projects that you can take up in order to spruce up the look of your current cabinets and countertops. As mentioned before, you can always change the paintwork to freshen up the look of your kitchen elements. You can also replace the hardware, which can be rather effective yet inexpensive. One of the most popular kitchen DIYs these days seems to be the rustic kitchen look, achieved by distressing the wood of the cabinets. If you feel even more creative, why not contemplate the options you have when using decoupage, self-adhesive wallpaper and maybe even stencils? When it comes to adding a personal touch to the kitchen elements, you can really do as much or as little as you want.

4. Get Rid of the Boring Storage

Those of you who have open shelves in your kitchen can really transform this area and make it more personal and beautiful. For starters, feature your favourite cups and plates on open shelves. And if you tend to keep your spices, teas and herbs in their original packaging on these shelves, change things up a bit; get yourself some mason jars and jar stickers, transfer the tea, coffee and spices to the jars, label the stickers and marvel at your work!

5. Bring Art to Your Kitchen

Wall art is a perfect addition for any room that lacks personality, kitchen included. That said, if some areas of your kitchen walls are painfully bare, don’t hesitate to bring them to life with your favourite art pieces. From common food- and coffee-inspired artwork to more unique prints and gallery walls, you can let your creativity run free in this case. And again, you won’t be creating a mess or lose functionality in your kitchen space.

6. Play with Different Textures

Every kitchen needs to be functional, but it also needs to be safe. In that respect, it’s crucial that you invest in a proper smoke alarm and fire duct system that will protect you in case of fire. But, it’s also true that these elements can look rather misplaced in a kitchen if they’re the only off-texture there. Fix this issue by introducing more texture. Tablecloths, seating cushions and curtains can be very personal and bring the much-needed warmth. The mix of different materials such as wood, metal, brick, marble, stone, etc. is also very effective. You can also mix and match different metals such as silver and gold, nickel and copper, and so on.

7. Introduce an Accent Element

This is rather effective trick for every room, but it can look especially cool in kitchens since not many homeowners put the effort into this room as much. With that in mind, you can use a really distinctive dining table that you found at the flea market, get a really extravagant fruit bowl and maybe even add your personal touch with creative DIYs such as marble mosaics for windows and doors.

The best makeover approach for your kitchen highly depends on your kitchen space, its layout as well as your budget and taste. Therefore, don’t feel rushed and take this process slowly in order to get the best results and a personal kitchen space that you love.

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