Making Environmentally Friendly Home

To keep and love the earth can we start from home. Why we can do from home? Because we can build an environmentally friendly house to take care and love our earth. At the beginning of the development would have a lot of our attention in choosing the type of building materials we use. Because the house we live will stand a long time even years, therefore, we here will share tips on building environmentally friendly homes that you can apply to keep our beloved earth;

Minimize the use of natural materials in the construction process

When you build a house, make sure you can minimize use building materials that will be used. The use of building materials can you control and communicate to workers in order to better conserve the use of building materials. Make sure you do not buy building materials no exaggeration that lead is not used.

simple example as illustration for your current housing process, for example when you need wood or plywood to board retaining cast-castings upstairs. You should not have to buy a new one, use plywood or scrap wood from buildings that can still be used. Position the placement of sand being walked that make wasted.

Choose an environmentally friendly building material

In this modern world and technology, it’s been a lot of construction materials that are environmentally friendly to build a house. Now you can save the use of wood as the roof of the house and replace it with a mild steel. it means further reduce the felling of trees and save the forest.

environmentally friendly building materials that you can use to build a house. For the use of building materials roofs you can choose to use PVC materials Aluminum, Mild Steel, and for the use of UPVC doors and windows of the house. For doors you can use with PVC plastic door materials. For the roof as you normally put on the plywood can be replaced with gypsum. As for the alternative use of wood materials you can use recycled wood or plastic timber can also use the results of recycling.

Saving Electric Usage

Build a home with natural lighting designs, it is intended that during the day the sun can go into the house and save on electricity usage. Make sure you build the house ventilation is good enough for air circulation can rotate and reduce the use of air conditioning. Creating a water reservoir be one way electrical save home, because you do not have to turn on the electricity to run the water pump.

Take advantage of Alternative Energy

Solar electric or PV (photovoltaic) is a system that can generate electricity. constitute one alternative that you can apply in the house, because it only uses sunlight or wind power to generate electricity.

Saving in water use

Water becomes a major requirement for everyone, as it has many benefits for life such as cooking, bathing, washing, watering plants and other items that use water. If we can not save on water usage, it can be discharged. You should really be able to use the water as well and sufficiently possible for things that are necessary.

Environmentally Friendly Homes
Environmentally Friendly Homes

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